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As an organization that stands for empowering leaders, that support extends to the love, care, and concern of ALL children, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, and caregivers; the heroes and helpers in our communities.

We stand unified against the hate crimes toward the Black community in Buffalo and are deeply grieving with the families of the beautiful, innocent children who were killed in Uvalde. These families just received the worst, most brutal, news they could ever hear.

If you're much like me it's hard to know how to navigate being a leader when there is so much pain you are feeling as a compassionate, empathic person.

Our elementary school went into lock-down today due to police activity in the area and I couldn't focus until I knew those children were going to be ok. It's the school where my daughter will start Kindergarten in the Fall. She graduates from Pre-K today, which is why I chose this picture to put on this post.

I want to encourage you -

It's ok if you woke up crying this morning.

It's normal if you can't focus on work today or this week.

If you feel gutted in your body, don't dismiss it.

Let the pain move through you in its own time.

Allow yourself the space to heal and take time to experience self-love this week.

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(this post was inspired by @The Advance Women's Network)



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